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Re: Stretching words

You should try KT Granulator: http://www.koen.smartelectronix.com/KTGranulator/.

Good luck on your project and keep us posted


Am 20.08.2007 um 19:21 schrieb Veda, Qua:

I have a project in mind where I'd like to stretch out the syllables of pre-recorded  words - either in a sustained way,  or with a stutter.   For example, the word "sustained" might sound like "ssss-usss-taaaained",  or "sust-t-t-t-a-a-a-ined"   etc.      I would not want the pitch or sound quality  to be affected.   

What tools can be used to achieve this?   I'm planning to end up in the Max/MSP environment but I'm not there yet. Are there VST's that do this kind of stretching or rendering of a recorded sample/file ?