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Re: Repeater vs Looperlative AND Repeater 2.01 upgrade

Thanks for everyones contributions to this thread... I think I got some good feedback, and have decded to stick wth my EDP / Repeater combo, and stretch for the upgrade.
To Zoe, yours pretty much had eveything I needed, and actually  agree with you about gear comparsons being a bit silly... However, what  tried to emphasise n my mail, was that  ddnt want to get feature comparisons, but FEEL comparisons.. what does it FEEL LKE MAN to play.
Wth EDP I forget what the footswitches do.. my feet glide about over the FCB1010 and loop, multipy, insert and chop snppity snip, sizzle wibble comes out... With Repeater, I methodically, look at it, select a track, record a loop, and play to it for a whle, then I stop playing and fiddle with it to pitch it a bit, then I play some more... all n all ... more dull... nice sounds tho... I want to keep t just for the sound of the tempo wound down to 1 BPM... OH MUMMY !!!! 
guess people notce that m havng trouble with my ( ) key (that is the one next to U and O grrr.. Nikolas (1.5 yr old son) picke t off... never the same!!!
... and no one tried rearranging the tracks slip via a sequencer??? Oki dok then.. tis up to me... I shall return!!
PS, Is anyone up for margeritas round the pool in SF in Sept... 15th / 16th maybe?? AND does anyone live in Ventura???

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