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RE: repeater = looperlative comparisons

>From: rabbirabbifive <rabbirabbi5@yahoo.com>
> >>The looperlative is pretty strictly one function per button so
> >>there IS a lot of bank switching on the midi controller to deal with.
> >no sorry, this isn't true - the LP-1 can map up to 8 commands to a
> > single
> >button press
> >sim
>Those are "chained" functions- several things triggered by one button
>press.  Only one function can be defined per midi number, but that
>function can have up to 8 commands in it.
>What I'm talking about is the kind of functionality on the EDP where
>the same button takes on multiple tasks depending on context.

ahh i see - i misunderstood what you were saying - apologies!


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