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Re: stretching words

   listen to the end of Naked Blues on my website.  I do this live with 
EDP with a guitar loop...


It's in the music section...  Obviously!  :)

                           -And Andre LaFosse has many EDP examples of 

   I'm sure there are others as well, but (pardon the expression) :)  I've 
been out of the loop for a bit in regard to this!  lol!...


Cara  :)

At 10:38 AM 8/21/2007 -0700, you wrote:

>Per, thanks for this info. I had actually wrote, then scrapped, an email 
>to LD a few months ago asking whether this technique was possible using 
>any kind of current technology. I thought it was some brilliant idea I 
>come up with!...now I see it's been around forever (in computer years)! I 
>just love the idea of making the dimension of time absolutely plastic, or 
>even static, with regards to playback. Do you know of any audio examples 
>where I might hear this?
>Daryl Shawn
>>>I've never heard Max Headroom but an educated guess gives that the 
>>>may have been created with this classic technique:
>>>1. Keep the audio to be "stretched" as an audio file.
>>>2. In some music software, make a playback loop of the file.
>>>3. Minimize the loop length until only one tiny slice is looping, 
>>>a buzzing sound.
>>>4. Align the loop's start point and loop point to a controller. Now 
>>>regard the loop as "a window" that you can move through the entire 
>>>file. Forwards or backwards. When the looping "playback window" moves 
>>>a syllable it will sound more stretched the slower you move it.
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