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Re: Laptop Looping

On 23 aug 2007, at 17.23, midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote:

> So the cpu spikes I was seeing on the activity viewer on my 1.5gig  
> PB seem to be caused by Bidule. I can't seem to replicate this  
> behavior with any other application. Live 6 with SL actually works  
> better. The cpu spikes were creating dropouts and audio glitches  
> that are unacceptable for live work. The flexible routing in Bidule  
> is beyond cool, but the glitches make it unuseable, for me anyway.
> I tried raising the audio buffer on both Bidule and/or the  
> interface. But all that did was increase latency beyond playable  
> levels.
> My laptop looping experiment has failed miserably. Maybe when I can  
> get a faster machine I'll go back.
> I'm guessing in the Ambient genre its easier to hide the  
> limitations because a lot of the sounds you would use are actually  
> similer to the glitchy clicks I was getting. Plus the latency is  
> easier to hide with all those delays. But for now, its back to the  
> RC50 for my acoustic stuff. Live and SL are great for the  
> electronica gig I have. I just wish Live had the routing flexibilty  
> that Bidule has.

Your hints are interesting and suggest option to learn something  
useful. Would you mind posting the reason why you think Bidule is the  
bad guy?

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)