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Re: TC Konnekt24D revisited (was "comparison Fireface400 vs. Fireface800")

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> Obviously (according to recording.org and gearslutz.com), the converters
> (both directions) of the TC Konnekt win over any direct competition
> hands-down. The micpres are in the same league as the Fireface's, and 
> seem to be about the best in the direct competition (note that the 
> Fireface
> is the most expensive in this comparison).

Interesting. I also noticed that they have special guitar input circuits, 
which is nice for us guitar players.

Did you see the Konnekt Live? Even more interesting. Wow. I may have to 
explore this more.

It is $700 USD.

Rainer, what do you use from the specs to compare mic insert quality?  You 
mentioned the Konnect boxes
were hands down better, but how do you know?