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Re: RME Firewire 800 and Guitar Amp Sim - Preamps

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>> problem. My argument, only from my own personal perspective
>> and requriements, is that the undesireableness has to do with
>> the fact that what many people have come to recognize as a
>> "nice" electric guitar sound, is produced from an amp, or at
>> least a decent amp simulator.  There is nothing you are going
> So that also falls into the same line of argument as my modern rock/pop 
> drum
> sound analogy. People have come to expect that combo of close-miking 
> a
> combination of condensers/moving coils/PZMs, aggresive EQ, compression 
> gates for a true drum sound, although this does not have anything to do 
> with
> what a drum sounds like.

Well, people have come to expect the final sonic output, not all that 
technical stuff
you mention regarding close micing, coils, etc. But the main point I agree 
with, namely
that it is the "what" that is important to many of us here, not 
the "how".
And all I know is that given the "what" I prefer, plugging my guitar into 
any mixer
board is not a "how" that is going to create the "what".

So, all this for me is about finding a "how" that is the most cost 
and space
efficient way of generating my desired "what". It's a basic engineering 
problem that
will probably be the death of me.

What, how, who, where, why? @*#?!#$