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RE: OT Film (No standards: crap.)

Memento and Primer are both films that play with time in interesting 
ways.. :)
and while not as quirky as those, Premonition is an interesting take on 
travel'.. the main character experiences a weeks worth of days out of 
and The Butterfly Effect wasn't bad either.. and Donnie Darko... dang, I 
forgot Groundhog Day.. :) and hey, even The Last Temptation of Christ... :)


Quoting Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com>:

> --- Mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:
> > There's another more recent film with a time/logical
> > loop theme 
> > that's nagging at the edge of my conciousness, but I
> > can't bring it up right now.
> 'Memento', maybe? I saw it a while ago, but don't have
> any distinct memory of the plot. I do have the feeling
> that there's some irony in that, but can't say exactly
> why. ;)
> Actually, I've been meaning to post about this one for
> a while now: of any film I've ever seen, the one with
> the best loop-analogue has to be a short called "In
> the Club of the Laid-Off" by Czech animator Jiri
> Barta. In this film, a bunch of discarded mannequins
> come to life each day, and repeat pretty much the same
> routine. However, entropy and impermanence conspire to
> break things, so each iteration of the loop is subtly
> different. Very cool.
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