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Re: im about to start a war


IMO, there is POSITIVELY NO ADVANTAGE from an average to above average musician/dj/music related application stand point to using ether a PC or Mac unless you are talking strictly laptops.
I thought we were talking laptops here, but are you sure? POSITIVELY NO ADVANTAGE  is a very strong phrase, man. You've disproven all possible cases where there could be an advantage? That seems like a blanket statement. I'm sure it is correct in some contexts, but this seems like a situational context to me, where there is a lot of systematic relativity at play.
The hardware as is currently made available to the Mac Book Pro user is superior to any PC laptop that I am currently familiar with. This is strictly based on their capacity for RAM. (2gig PC - 4gig Mac)
Heh? What are you talking about? I can go out right now and buy 10 laptops from 10 different PC manufacturers, with 4gig of RAM.  What do you mean by superior?
Everything else you will hear here or on ANY forum is merely personal opinion based on limited experience.
You mean like saying one piece of hardware is "Superior" to another based on an incorrect assumption? :)

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