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Re: Question about fretless guitar(slightly OT)

Brian I think Per was the last post on fretless stuff on the list but I've posted from time to time.  I play fretless and use a light gauge think the top is 12.  Though I've had a professional endorse for years with GHS I've unfortunately not found a good flatwound set with them so I've been using d'Addario's Chrome Flat Wound set and like them very much.  If you use round wound it can bite into the wood.
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On 8/29/07, Brian Kupferschmid <apparitionapparition@yahoo.com> wrote:
I recently rediscovered a guitar I had that had a
fretless neck on it.  I forgot about it a long time
ago, and decided to fiddle with it.  I remember
someone on here recently played fretless guitar, what
I'm curious to know is, what your set up for the
guitar is(string guages, action, tuning, etc.).  For
now, I have a extra heavy guage set(think of a seven
string set without the high E) and I have it tuned
CGCFAD.  I would rather go back to standard tuning,
but I'm not sure if I should use my typical gauge of
string(a set of 10s) or go heavier for the sake of
sustain.  Also I was thinking about putting epoxy on
the fretboard and leveling/sanding it.

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