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Re: Keeping the off-topic off the list ?

"What is the Looper's Delight Mailing list? What types of things are
discussed on it?

Loopers Delight is a forum for discussing loops and loop based music.
For posting, make sure you send to

There isn't much that is considered off-topic, but it should somehow
relate to looping if you don't want to irritate people. Past, present
and future topics include looping devices and setups (Oberheim
Echoplex, Lexicon Jam Man and Vortex, Boomerang, samplers, MIDI,
effects, mixers, speakers, etc). We've also had threads about
improvisation, creativity, books, recordings, computers, Torn, Fripp,
Eno , DJs, ambient, industrial, minimalist music, hip hop, drum and
bass, Indian Classical music, sequencing, looping theory and
philosophy, etc., etc. You name it, we've probably discussed it."