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Re: im about to start a war

De : "Krispen Hartung" <khartung@cableone.net>
Date : 29 août 2007 22:00:38 HAEC
Objet : Rép : im about to start a war

Any discount I can get is great.  I will seriously consider this advise. $2300 is a good price! I went directly to the Apple site, and priced out a macbook pro, 15" screen, 2.4 ghz duo core, and then added 4gig of RAM, the larger 7200rpm hardrive, and Apple care...all added up to about $3600.

As far as the RAM is concerned, you should perhaps just get the minimum RAM from Apple and buy apple-certified RAM somewhere else.
Apple are known for selling their RAM for a very high price, and it's particularly visible for big amounts (2*2Gigs). Their prices have dropped recently compared to a few years ago, but I still would be surprised if you couldn't save some money this way...

But do people using software loopers here need 4 Gigs of RAM ?
I've got 2 Gigs on my macbook, my PC at work has 2 Gigs too and they both work very well (I work in videogames development, with many applications needing lots of resources)...

The VST effects/synths mainly use the processors, and even big samplers or long loops won't use gigabytes of memory, or am I missing something ?

Do I really need that faster hard drive though?

You can also have an external firewire hard drive and use it to record everything. This works quite well and allows you to have more flexibility...

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