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Re: OT: Whats going on in Idaho?

midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote:

> WTF! Yet another Republican caught with his pants down. Isnt this like 
> 5 or 6 this year alone? Those guys can party! I guess "family values" 
> is code for I want to blow you. In his defense, I've been to the twin 
> cities and those layovers can get real boring.
> I loved the opening line from his press conference: "Thank you for 
> coming out today". Hilarious.

I guess any good name attracts corrupt people who want to hijack it for 
their own purposes :-).  In the political arena of today it's a game of 
exploiting dumb sheep who think it's normal that

*everyone be issued a social security card at birth...even though...when 
you break it down 'social security' is an invocation to put one's 
security in society...which then by definition becomes a humanist 
religion. What happened to SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE?  hehe.  
Oh..well we make an exception if it's socialist religion :-)  WHAT IS a 
religion?  Isn't it where you put your confidence.?

* people be taxed without representation.  How much government do most 
people really want? I mean..crud since I can't even turn a person in for 
threatening me with a knife on an immature road rage/stalking endeavor 
of theirs...without being fined 180 bucks...*blink*...I don't even want 
a frigging POLICE department.  Sometimes I seriously think it would be 
better to just go back to caveman days :-)

Anyway I could go on but it's late.  So many of another party ...it's 
just assumed have their pants down all the time so nobody looks.

Meanwhile ON THE BRIGHT side..I just got back from the Richochet dream 
gathering.  Really fun seeing those guys work together.  Someone told me 
about it and I had no idea what I almost missed had they not gotten a 
tip to bring a Minimoog to me for repairs. -Bob