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Re: im about to find some files

On 30 aug 2007, at 12.34, Goddard, Duncan wrote:

> >>The first time I got on a mac, I couldn't even figure out how to  
> find a file or the hard-drive.
>  >>  I'm wasting time just FINDING things...
> many mac users complain that the one thing ruining an otherwise  
> reasonably pleasant user-experience, & the one achilles' heel of  
> the mac os, is & has been for many years, the finder.
> there's even a forum called FTFF, fix the f finder.
> when I stumbled on this, it was because I was sure there must be a  
> utility for mac os that lets you search for files by the same  
> criteria as the search tool in windows. in particular, I was  
> getting fed up of losing disc space to things like AVI captures  
> made in error while using final-cut or even i-movie. these apps  
> specialise in hiding big chunks of media in "project files", making  
> it diffcult to clean out the hard drive without destroying metadata.
> I bought a copy of pathfinder & now the mac behaves like a windows  
> machine. :-)   I mean I can search for stuff by size, by date, by  
> when it was modified..... so in addition to having parallels & w2k  
> on it, I now have a search-utility that can find files in both OSs.
> well, it works for me.
> d.

I'm working with both systems daily and fully understand you point.  
But recently I have found that with OS X Mac has gotten a search  
function that works almost exactly as in Windows. It's called  
"Spotlight". I still thing though, that the File Explorer of Window's  
is  a bit better than the way Finder displays hard drive content. In  
OS X there is no way of displaying the whole "tree" of a search path  
and keep it while checking some other folder. I'm thinking that it  
would be easy for Apple to fix this and if they did I would value  
Finder as the better one in this regard.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)