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RE: im about to start a Per (and other sages) Question

> Turn off the screen saver. If you use a Mac laptop, also turn off the

> energy saving function. I think that's it.

Wireless networking?

How about that thing that pops up every few days telling me
I need to update iTunes, there must be a background process
running similar to Windows Update that you want to turn off.

Spotlight relies on the indexing of files, similar to the way Find
works in Windows, though probably better.  Still this indexing has to
happen sometime, is there a background process for this you need to
turn off?

You probably want to disable activation of the Dashboard with
hot corners unless you're going to be very careful with the mouse.

Many of the Windows tuning tips involve disabling flashy graphics
like window open/close animations.  Does this not apply to 
the Mac "genie" animations?  

In general I'm not convinced that a Mac inherently never requires
tuning.  Maybe out of the box it is much less bloated than Windows,
but you can make Unix be just as unstable as Windows if you're not
careful about what you install.