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Re: Alternative to a laptop?

Here is my wife's response to the story, who happens to be Intel's Americas Marketing Manager for this entire product line:
Kris: Is this correct?

Kris' Wife: "no - not anymore."

"if you really want the details of the memory addressing…read this document (page 55; section 4.4):  ftp://download.intel.com/design/mobile/datashts/31627303.pdf 

Bottom line is that the new 965 chipset (that is part of our new platform introduced in May, code named “Santa Rosa”) supports 36-bit memory addressing which allows the overlapping portions to be remapped.  So there is no artificial limitation to 3GB on the Intel 965 chipset. 

The key is you want a platform with the 965 vs. the 945 chipset.  Another way to tell is if the Core 2 Duo processor number has a 7 in the first digit (i.e. T7700 for the standard voltage 2.4GHz processor).   

You’ll note that you can configure the new MacBook Pros on the Apple site with either 2GB or 4 GB.  And a quote from that very same section of the configurator says “All MacBook Pro models support up to 4 gigabytes of RAM.” "

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Thanks very much! Did you say you had 4gig on your Toshiba?

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