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Hi there,

For those of us who are Apple users or iTunes customers, some of us got 
the "new product announcement" from them this morning.

What I am writing to say has nothing to do with Apple or their products.

But if you followed some of the links on their email and (ultimately) the 
pages it sends you to, you can wind up at Stephen Jobs' recent keynote 


At the end of this longish presentation (say the last 5%) Jobs' gives the 
stage over to Britt singer/songwriter KT Tunstall who . . . to my 
amazement starts out her 2-song set with a solo (voice, tamborine and 
guitar) looping piece.

I'm not at all familiar with her . . . she may have been a looper all 
along . . . and this might not be news.

But, I just thought I'd mention the fact that here is one more instance of 
looping hitting the mainstream.

She didn't even explain what she was doing . . . and in fact she fumbled 
just a little at first.

So . . . here is a mainstream performer, looping, without disclaimer or 
verbal footnote calling attention to it, and making a very public splash 
with it.