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Re: Last Night's Performance Recording & Notes - Boise State University Amphitheater

listened to it this afternoon...

I rather have enjoyed it every bit as much (maybe even a little more)
than anything you've done so far.

me too.

I don't get the one LD commenter who posted something about "too bad
some of the guitar was recognizable" (as guitar, I guess).

You're a guitar player fer chrissakes . . . and a damn good one too . .
. what's their problem?

You have a tone and a way of phrasing that I instantly recognize -- no
mater how it might be otherwise disguised by bleeps and blonks.

Now, I have to say I do like those bleeps and blonks too.

But, if you were to entirely lose the guitar part it would just be
another one of many electronic music "experiments" (IMOHO).

The guitar humanizes it somewhat.

for me works the contrary way.
what's doing that jazz player here?

And, to be honest, in the late '80s and early 90s I was a member of
academic musical organization SEAMUS (Society for Electro-Acoustic
Music in the US).

I was even president of the L.A. chapter for a year or so.

Anyhoo, I nave heard waaaaaay too many "bleep and blonk" concerts over
the years to be much impressed by anything less than pretty

i've not been member of such organizations and i've heard those arguments
so many times to discredit serius electronic music... "bleep and blonk" ...
also Tudor's were full of "bleep and blonk" and i love it. 

I love your playing and I really like the direction your music has

You've enfolded the thing that you already do with the guitar into the
MAX/MSP and looping thing quite well I think.

Keep it up.

I've yet to get there.

tEd ® KiLLiAn


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