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RE: Who uses "looping" in their promo material?

I have great admiration for the LD community of artists. It's a great 
of inspiration for me. And inspiration has to sustain my musical cravings
until I can build more skills to perform what I have in my mind.   So at
this point, I read this thread , not as a looping musician, but as a lover
of the kinds of creativity demonstrated here.

It seems to me that one of the primary functions of looping is to introduce
rhythmic elements - of many forms (glitches, or long repeated ideas, etc).
(delay - one of the most common and rhythmic FX - can be a form of looping,
I think.)  I also see looping as a multi-media performance capability, a 
for the artist to keep something going so he can be free to introduce other
ideas without requiring additional musicians.   Its a way to introduce 
sounds and weird noise in a creative sonic expression. And not always
limited to music or audio.  

So I don't see looping as a genre, but I see many artists utilize this
wonderful capability, including video artists,  performance artists,
experimental artists, computer artists.  Oh well,  I'm just babbling now...