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Re: Midi controllers, limiting factors=?

the quick answer, no.. 

there are 127 different CC's per channel... assuming the thing you are
controlling allows for you to change which CC each control responds to, it 
be a long time before you run out of MIDI commands...


Quoting "qua@oregon.com" <qua@oregon.com>:

> My brain hurts when I try to pencil this out. So'd appreciate your help. 
> I'd like to use midi controllers (foot and/or hand control surfaces) to
> control just any/all software parameters.    But it seems to me that a
> limiting factor may be the # of midi channels (max 16, right?).  
> If you want to send CC to 8 output levels of a computer interface from a
> fader box, you'd use up 8 of the 16 channels so that you could control 
> channel individually - correct?   
> If you wanted to map knobs on your controller to change settings (CC) of
> VST paramaters, do you need another midi channel for each VST to control
> them independently - correct?    
> Seems like you'd use up all your midi channels very quickly - right?
> -Qua
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