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Laptop Looping Redux,

I've decided to jump in completely, musically and financially. I just ordered a 2.4 gig Macbook Pro, and a Motu Ultralite. Between Ableton Live, Sooperlooper (or Virtual Repeater someday) and various plugins, I figure this is all I need for any gig. I figure I can bring the laptop, interface, FCB1010,  and 2 Peavey PR10 powered speakers and I have everything covered. I will not even need a Hardware Mixer anymore (has anyone else packed away their Mackie?). This will all fit onto a foldable handcart. I can do my solo acoustic gig, Electronica Lounge gig, or even with play electric in bands using Guitar Rig.
I'm hoping that this souped up Mac will end the CPU troubles and let me rule the world the way I envision.
More later next week. I will be moving files, programs and passwords fo rthe next 10 days I'm sure.