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Akai Headrush problems

Has anyone ever had any problems with the "stomp" buttons on the Akai E2 
Headrush looper/delay pedal? as in they don't work properly? Mine was fine 
until a few weeks ago when the buttons you need to step on to 
start/record/stop a loop started to not respond so well. What a lameass 
design-- I hate pedals with this design anyway-- it's not a "pedal" per 
say (like the BOSS loop models have), they just give you 2 small silver 
buttons to stomp on. I tried tightening them, but no difference. I haven't 
abused this unit at all, either. I guess this thing just isn't made very 
durable. Probably going to have to return it, just wondering if anyone 
else has used this product & had similar problems. I've tried to contact 
Akai & I haven't got an answer yet.


Chris D.
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