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Re: behringer again again (wasprogrammable delay?)

I can see both sides of the "Evil Behringer discussion," but this
example may not support your argument

On 10/4/07, Goddard, Duncan <goddard.duncan@mtvne.com> wrote:
> so uli doesn't have to pay for R&D or industrial design except on a very
> few product lines that are unique (apparently) to behringer, e.g. the
> fcb1010.

Actually, it seems as though the innards of the Behringer pedals are
completely different than their visual twins. According to the blog
"What they've presumably done is create a basic digital effects
circuit (not too different from the Digital Stompbox). Every pedal
probably has the same innards, with a different ROM chip, different
knobs and a different colour box." That is very different from Reverse
Engineering, and is in fact quite similar to the way Ikea operates.

As an aside, I just bought an Ikea bedside dresser thing the other day
for $35. It was marked "Made in Denmark" on the side. It says
something when you can pay Danish workers comfortable wages, good
benefits and ship the thing to the US, sell it for $35 and still make
a profit. Maybe the end of the world isn't quite so near : )
Art Simon