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RE: DL-4

Here is how it works.  you can program the  expression pedal functionality
for each preset and how the pedal behaves in loop mode as well.  Let's take
loop mode for example, and for now, limit ourselves to controlling the
behavior of just one parameter with the expression pedal. In loop mode I 
it primarily to controller the loop volume so I'll start there. Put the
pedal in the heal down position and adjust the far right hand rotary knob
(mix) counter clock wise (off position). Now press the expression pedal to
toe down position, and adjust the right hand rotary knob clockwise to full
on position. Now make a loop and test to see if the loop volume diminishes
as you go to heal down position, and increases as you put your toe down.
It's that easy. In preset mode you store your settings using the write
procedure. In loop mode, it basically remembers your setting until you make
manual changes to the rotary knobs And you can do it with every parameter
knob, meaning you could have the expression pedal control up to five
parameters, at once  though I tend not to double up much myself. But
imagine, using an analog modulation delay model and having the expression
pedal move between a short delay with lots of modulation and regeneration
,(for a chorus or flange  effect), and a long delay with little modulation
and less regeneration ( for a more typical echo effect). I love using the
expression pedal controlling regeneration, on analog delay models, to 
run away dub echo effects that I in turn resample using another looper
further down my signal chain.. If you have a habit of using the tap tempo
function a lot, be warned that it will change what ever stored delay
settings you have made with your presets and create interesting pitch
bending effects as you move the expression pedal from the preset delay time
to what ever you just changed using tap tempo. (but,  it won't store the 
changes unless you use the write procedure to store your new settings). 
should cover it.
Have fun, I think the expression pedal adds great functionality to the DL-4
and I'm amazed how many users don't use an expression pedal with not just
this, but any of there big pedals.