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Re: How many loopers does Boss sell?

>>>>I gotta disagree. The RC-50, while flawed, can be a wonderful thing. Its features are more geared to a specific type of looping. Not yours, but I've used it with great results with other musicians. It seems to be more of an ensemble device. For instance, I occasionally perform with a bassist and drummer. I import percussion loops so the drummer can play in sync. Adding parts as we play, we get some impressive jams that sound way more interesting then a plain trio. The LP1, EDP, DL4 cannot do this, at least not without a laptop.  So, it may not be your cup of tea, but it works great for some people.<<<<

That's great that it works for you, and that you've found a feature that works. Seriously, that's great. However, within those flaws are way way way too many things missing or poorly implemented for them to get away with calling it the 'Ultimate Looper'. The LP1 can import and export loops, should that be your wish, from a laptop or an IP assignable network drive (I gather, it's not something i've ever done, or thus far had any inclination to do) and also has feedback control, mappable independent volume and feedback for each of the channels etc. etc. etc. It's versatile. The RC-50 COULD have been a great looper, if they'd just got the feature set right. I'm not saying it's unusable - clearly it's usable or no-one would've bought them - but the feature set still points decidedly in the direction of it being a step-time loop builder and practice tool, rather than a versatile expressive tool suited to many different kinds of looping. 

But if you've found the looper for you in the RC-50, I have no intention or inclination to disavow you of that wonderful discovery, and I'm sure my ranting about it would have little impact anyway, given that you're happily gigging away. All good, nothing bad, 


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