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Re: Startup Apps for Laptop Loopers - streamline performance, etc

>> Some of us, including myself in the past, have used msconfig (you just 
>> run this from Start and Run). You can deselect any of these and prevent 
>> them from running at startup. However, I recently read in some tech 
>> forums that msconfig is recommended primarily for testing, 
>> troubleshooting, etc...not as a permanent solution to altering your 
>> startup process. The claim is that this is not an efficient way to end 
>> the processes and does so incompletely.
> Actually, it prevents the processes from ever being started.
> Perhaps what they meant was that it didn't catch every single process
> that could start (which I think may be the case).

Yes, that is obviously what it does, as indicated by the processes not
appearing at re-boot

> Surely you can do an MSCONFIG setup, and then either use it or not.
> At least that gives you 2 different startup configs.
> ( with a choice on startup )

Yes, but once you go back to your standard startup and reboot, and then
want to go back to your performance configuration, you have to re-deselect
the processes again and reboot. You cannot save the msconfig configuration.
But, more importantly, the articles are not recommending msconfig as the
approprieate way to do this. As I said, it is recommended as a way to
troubleshoot, etc, not as a permament startup configuration solution. I 
have the articles on hand, but you could Google the topic and find them.