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Re: EDP overdub switch kills loop feedback after one cycle

  Hi Richard, perhaps it's me, but your solution here, doesn't make sense.  There ARE only 16 midi channels regardless of whatever device you're using.  So I'm not sure what's happening there.  No biggie, of course, since it seems to have solved your issue, so way cool!  :)

  However, it really seems like there's something else going on here in the first place...

  Can you give a more detailed note on your FCB settings and EDP settings?... 

  For me at least, it's not clear (could be the blonde thing!  lol!) and I'd like to help if I can...   

  Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!...


Cara  :)

At 10:01 AM 10/11/2007 -0700, you wrote:

                I have encountered another  problem controlling my EDP with the foot
controller. the first has been resolved...prob and resolution below ... i include this because the new problem is similar.... 
power on and record the first loop....no problems and all functions
available thru the pedal and EDP...everything works as it should
when i reset record on the EDP using the midi foot controller or
the front panel and start a new loop it plays only one cycle of the
loop and then stops. I have reset the EDP to factory defaults to
make sure i havent inadvertantly changed a paramater... . then i also
discovered you have to reset the echoplex presets
thru further experimentation i have found that apparently the
initial use of the midi controller changes a preset parameter in the
echoplex after the first loop..which one i cant figure ....i have
established this by resetting the presets after disconnecting the
fcb1010 and using the echoplex footswitch.. once i do this everything
is back to normal with the plex...

resolution ....reset all unused fcb functions to an unused channel...they were set to
midi channel 25  in the fcb and the plex has only 16 midi channels ...once i changed the fcb settings to channel 15 the problem stopped
now i am trying to run a single latched footswitch from the overdub jack on the back of the plex ....when this switch is plugged in the plex behaves as above stopping after the first cycle...remove the switch and the problem goes away....changing the preset value for feedBKC has no effect...where is the plex getting this extraneous setting from? what will kill the loop after only one cycle....
this is a great group and i appreciate the help it has been.....closer to performing at every step i am....


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