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RE: Ending actions by Record in Mobius (Re: Following AcousticMusicians with Looper)

please take me off of the mailing list. thanks

> From: perboysen@gmail.com
> Subject: Ending actions by Record in Mobius (Re: Following Acoustic Musicians with Looper)
> Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 18:40:42 +0200
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Of course I can elaborate on this. My problems are when ending an
> action with REcord on the master track. Since I use the setting "Sync
> = Out" for setting the tempo by the first loop I have to do the
> destructive cuts on the master track to get the synced plug-ins
> instantly pick up the new tempo. I'd rather avoid using the first
> (master) track at all in Mobius and I have a special script that
> mutes it and copies its first recorded loop into track 2; just to
> avoid drop-outs and rhythmic glitches. This is working extremely well
> in a solo looping concert situation where I don't need to use the
> master track except for creating the very first loop.
> When applied to the slaved tracks, of Mobius, I have no problem to go
> Multiply-Record or Record-Record. But that's a different thing than
> this thread was about. I was only talking about a nice way of
> changing tempo of a looper to adjust to tempo changing live musicians
> and for this the EDP is my favorite.
> The two latest betas of Mobius are remarkably better in this regard,
> though.
> Per
> On 5 okt 2007, at 17.45, Jeff Larson wrote:
> >>> Was really surprised that Mobius doesn't play all these tricks..
> >>
> >> Oh yes it does! But not without audio artifacts or rhythmic hiccups.
> >
> > Wow, that's news to me. Can you elaborate on what you're hearing
> > (over in the zonemobius group if you prefer). What you describe:
> >
> >> 1) On the EDP you can always hit Record to erase everything and start
> >
> >> a new loop
> >
> > This is basic re-Record I do it all the time.
> >
> >> 2) I also keep one button to instantly retrigger the loop
> >> ("stutter").
> >
> > This is Retrigger, also a common function. The only "artifact"
> > you will have here is a slight trimming of the start of the loop to
> > adjust for latency. Sometimes I hear this if the loop starts
> > immediately with a sharp attack but not usually. This affects
> > the sound of the attack but not the rhythm, the loop will
> > begin playing from where it would be if there were zero latency.
> >
> >> 3) I the group tempo changes while I'm working a floating, non
> >> rhythmic, loop I might simply go Multiply-Record to cut it down to a
> >> duration that loops in synk.
> >
> > This is Unrounded Multiply, also common. Again the only artifact will
> > be a slight trimming of the start of the loop for latency adjustment
> > the first time it plays.
> >
> > The only serious artifacts I'm aware of in doing these operations have
> > been bugs when you do them while generating output sync, which
> > occasionally results in redundant retriggers making a "fluttering"
> > sound. But if you have output sync turned off, which you would in the
> > acoustic example, there isn't much happening that could cause
> > artifacts
> > other than the latency adjustment.
> >
> > Has this been happening long or is it something in the most recent
> > release?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Jeff
> >

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