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Re: Advice on live looping software

Hi Lorenzo,
  The Digitech Jamman does not have midi control capabilities. Hardware 
loopers that do would be the boss rc-50, the Echoplex digital pro, and 
others that I have not used. The old Lexicon Jamman did have midi sync and 
you can still find them on ebay.
Good Luck,  and do read the LD site


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Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007 3:39 PM
Subject: RE: Advice on live looping software

You should read all the reviews for the Jamman on the "tools of the
trade" section of the 'loopers delight' website.
With the Jamman, you can build loop after loop after loop...AND IT HAS A

Good luck!

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From: Lorenzo Orlandini [mailto:weaviestonder@hotmail.it]
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Subject: Advice on live looping software

hi everyone, I'm new to the list and after an attempt at looping gone
bad a few months ago, I am trying to start over again to see if things
are more successful this time.

I need some good advice from experts. I play guitar in a band, and would
like to loop bits and riffs over the electronic rhytmics another member
of the band makes with fruity loops. I tried an RC 20 XL, but it didnt
work out since it wasnt midi-synchable. So I am going to try using a
MIDI footcontroller and use a software to loop my guitar - the software
will be clearly midi synched to fruity loops.