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2007/10/15, Lorenzo Orlandini <weaviestonder@hotmail.it>:

My questions are:

1. does it sound like a good plan?

why not?

2. what software do you recommend for live, real time looping?

mobius for win. (not into mac world... by now! )

I think something simple would be best because i am not very familiar with MIDI technology and it will have to be controlled via midi footcontroller. the software will be clearly midi synched to fruity loops.

you'll need a host (sequencer,modular, whatever...) to pass fruities clock to mobius/vst
(if working within the same computer)....

not an expert as you requested, but hope this helps a bit while our masters of loopage knowledge
travel to california to eschange more loopage knowledge.... ;-)

mobius can be as simple as the simplest looper
in world if you just use its basic functions.

try it,



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