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Re: vista

hey thanks van for your help...
2007/10/16, van Sinn <vansinn@post.cybercity.dk>:
Raul Bonell wrote:
> hi there!
> i was wondering how our favorite apps like Mobius,
> Live, Bidule, MAX/MSP, etc..are doing with Vista.
> has anybody some experience with laptops about
> this matter? is it the drivers' unstability problem again?

Can't say as I'm a Mac workstation and Linux server guy.
The rec.audio.pro newsgroup resently had a few threads about driver and
DRM issues on Vista.

thx. will check tonight and see what to summarize ...

Just about noone would even consider using Vista until the first service
pack hs been released, and many/most were reluctant even so, expecting
to stick with XP 'while supply lasts' and then merge to Mac.

just price.  

> the pitty is that most laptop manufacturers are selling
> the units with vista intalled & if you change to xp you
> loose guaranty. maybe it's possible to re-install vista
> and you are again protected.

Really? Are you saying loosing _hardware_ warranty for using another M$?
Here in DK it was settled by court that customers aren't forced to use a
specific OS, hence any hardware is fully warrented according to consumer
rights acts.  Whether the seller will/can help when using i.e . Linux is
another issue ;), but s far as M$'s (i.e. XP) goes, they'll comply..

oh. remember, this is spain. sunny people everywhere!
yes. these guys are telling that to the customers,
though maybe this is ilegal here too.

van Sinn

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