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Re:Mixer Question OT

Hi Andy,
I have recently reviewed most of the mixers on your list. If your budget allows you to buy an Allen & Heath, you won't be disappointed. The Mix Wizard series (I have the 14:4:2) are the most flexible mixers you will find in this price range. I use it for both looping and as FOH mixer when performing with my band. The Mackie 1604 was my 2nd choice, also a very good mixer imo.
Plusses compared to Mackie 1604:
- More routing options (matrix mixing)
- mono sub-out
- All 6 aux sends (1/2, 3/4, 5/6) are pre or post fade
- Configurable features (internal switches) e.g. mono/stereo aux send/returns 
- Extra inputs on stereo channels
- Very usable EQ
Btw, A&H also have a WZ 16:2 with internal FX. The most flexbile mixer for loopers however is the 20S, that's a monitor mixer with 12 aux send/returns per channel but almost twice the price of the 14:4:2 :)