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RE: Mixer Question OT

If I was buying a h/w mixer today, I'd give very serious consideration to
the Allen & Heath Mix Wizard WZ3 14/4/2.  In the world of "small format"
mixers , it gets very high marks for sound quality, and it has great
routing flexibility via sends and routing matrix.   
The M8 has a mono output fader which can be very handy, and Soundcraft
audio quality is also very good.
Mackie is solid, good value, practically an industry std in small format
mixers. But not necessarily the best - depending on your needs.  there
quality took downturn after they started outsourcing their sub assemblies
(wiring harnesses etc).   I had to send in a 1604VLZ twice for repairs. 

as much as I'd like to migrate everything to the s/w domain, I still love
to be able to put my hands on  hardwired mixer controls.  the midi control
surfaces don't provide the same human interaction.

I'll be very interested to hear what you decided to do

Original Message:
From: andy butler akbutler@tiscali.co.uk
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 14:55:59 +0100
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Mixer Question OT

hello LD,
Currently I'm looking to replace my Behringer 2642 as a couple of the 
channels no longer work.
(that's after about 15yrs)

Any suggestions as to what is available would be greatly appreciated.
Any reports of actually ABing mixers for pre-amp/EQ would be especially 

The features of the 2642 are just about perfect,
8 mic ch
4 stereo ch
4 extra stereo ins ( essential )

I've used the mic-pres on the 2642 for electric guitar and for percussion
(and for vocals in a live setting), and thought they were ok.
I only used the eq for live work, it's sufficient.

I've checked out a few options so far.

My main worry is that while it's not difficult to make a very high 
quality line level mixer,
it's also possible to save a few pennies per item by using slightly 
cheaper op amps,
with a significant change in the sound which won't be picked up in the 
For sure, many companies do this .

Behringer 2642A, which is obviously a match for features,
but is about a third of the price I paid for the 2642.

Mackie 1642 VLZ3, good features, and was tempted until I looked at their 

Allen & Heath Mix Wizard WZ3 14/4/2
..another one with Z3 in the name...who was first?
If it's value for money then I'm reassured by the price tag.

SoundCraft Spirit M8 (seems they can keep on selling this without 
'upgrading' every other year)
SoundCraft FX16ii  (enough Mono Ch to cover my need for stereo, and 
while usually I'd never
 consider a mixer with FX, this has a tweakable Lexicon unit)


any facts/opinions welcome

andy butler

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