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RE: Help: New to software looping

Hey Per,
Thanks for that - the MIDI controller has arrived and i think my home internet connection has finally been relocated to my new home so I should be able to start looking at this early next week.
I will let you all know how I go (and post something on the net when I've recorded some results).
Though I'll still welcome any other tips anyone may have!

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On 10/23/07, Sowonja, Tomson <tomson.sowonja@cba.com.au> wrote:

I have ordered from eBay a MIDI Foot controller (the FCB 1010 - which seems to be the most common in use as well as affordable) - however I've never programmed MIDI before being a bit of a luddite - I'm definitely a stomp box kinda guitar player.

Is anyone able to help me with my first forays into MIDI programming by either offering tips/hints or pointing me to a good reference source on the web?

How do people who use Mobius with the FCB 1010 usually set up their banks and commands on the foot controller?

Hi Tom,

Start out with reprogramming the FCB1010 pedal to send out only one MIDI event (preferably a MIDI Note) on each pedal press. A good rule is to start with bank 0 and use the MIDI Note numbers 1 - 10, then for bank 2 you you go MIDI Note numbers 11 - 20 etc etc.

For the looper, whatever looper device/application you go with, do not start in the technical end! It's a lot easier to start with the musical context. Simply make a list of a few looping actions you want to work with for starters. My suggestion is to use Record, Overdub, Undo, Multiply, Next Loop and Previous Loop. When you get the music flowing with these tools you can expand the palette with stuff like Reverse, Speed, HalfSpeed, Rate Shift (talking Mobius here), Mute, Mute All Tracks etc etc.

Most software applications (and Looperlative) has a quick "MIDI Learn" function that helps you to map the MIDI Events sent out by the pedal to the appropriate looper actions. Chose a function, activate MIDI Learning and press the pedal.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)

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