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Re: y2k7 mp3s

For #1, all I did was copy the exact content in L to R.  I may have 
some minor reverb (waves) to the file to generate a subtle difference, but 
can't recall. If the wave forms are not identical, it is because of that 
not any sophisticated stereo enhancement...there was no stereo image to 
begin with, so nothing to enhance. On the second file, I may have applied 
some stereo enhancement, but I believe Kaiser was mono to begin with from 
the stage, so that may not be the case either. I think what you are seeing 
is the result of some minor room reverb applied.

Moreover, on several of the files, I applied some minor stereo image 
widening. There is a subtle difference.  Since I was doing some of this 
editing at the event, I was able to compare the non-widened effect, with 
widened effect, and with my memory of the audio at the actual event. The 
widening more accuractly re-produced the stereo imaging I heard from my 
vantage point, being next to the mics at the back and center of the room.

For most of these "enhancements" you will not be able to hear major 
differences, but your analysis software may detect them nonetheless.


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>> Ah, what fun. Okay, I'll reveal the secret. Track 1 below was
>> recorded mono with just one AKG C1000. I started with two but
>> I had cable problems. Track
>> #2 is just the tiny, stock stereo 1/8 inch mic that comes
>> with the M-Audio MicroTrack recorder.  Heh heh....funny.  In
> Now, did you do some stereo enhancement techniques with these files? My
> suspicion arises because a) #1 is not a mono signal, b) of the phase
> problems in #2.
> Rainer