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Hello Dean my name is Daniel T. Albertini of Albertini Guitar Works I read 
the thread for Richard
and agree that the RMC folks and Graphtech are at the top of their game.  
I graduated from/earned
luthier certification Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix Arizona.  
I was curious if you
were familiar with the school?  Anyway I have also designed and built and 
currently building a new
flamenco like model.  I am utilizing spanish cedar, oregon 
myrtle/California Laurel also locally
called pepperwood, African Pink Ivory and Ebony, various species of 
rosewood and mahogany
entandrophagma.  I have unbelievable figured metaseqoiadendron for the 
soundboard that you might
get lucky enough to find in a museum or wood collector but doubtful. It is 
many thousands of years
old I have no idea how it found its way to Kansas.  One professor friend 
of mine said it was
probably brought in by railroad car over a hundred years ago!!!  If you 
would like to see some of
my other current designs in use link up with me and my friends at
www.myspace.com/albertiniguitarworks It would be great to chat and consult 
with you on your
designs and various luthier subjects and music or whatever! 
I have some fun live radio looping performances to prepare for as well so 
Peace Be With You,
Daniel T. Albertini 
--- "Dean, Hal " <HDean@wcupa.edu> wrote:

> Richard, 
> While there are those who argue that tracking with the Roland GK system
> is good, they are a distinct minority; I am not among them. The majority
> opinion, by far, is that either the RMC system or GraphTech's Ghost
> system are far superior in terms of tracking and accuracy. Both operate
> on the same principle - piezo saddle pickups that feed into a
> "translator" module. The RMC system has been used in Godin's MIDI-ready
> guitars, such as the Multiac and LGXT, for years. I have both those
> guitars as well as an RMC-equipped classical guitar I had made.
> I am currently researching how to install a MIDI pickup system in a Paul
> Reed Smith Archtop (which BTW I bought from Kris Hartung) and find that
> Ghost may be more suitable in this instrument, for reasons I won't go
> into here. In the course of researching this I've seen comments on the
> midiguitar forum to the effect that the build quality, specifically
> connectors, and balance are not as good with Ghost; supposedly, both
> these issues can be overcome with some careful installation techniques.
> Both RMC and Ghost systems will be costlier than the Roland system. Both
> can also provide a nice piezoelectric sound to blend with any pickups
> you have already. The Godin Multiac is a great acoustic guitar with just
> the piezo sound, and the MIDI capability. I will miss mine when I sell
> it - which I need to do to make up for buying the PRS!
> I would love to have an Axon. I have an older Roland GI-10. Everyone
> that has used the Axon and the Roland GI-10 or -20 says the Axon is
> better. You certainly have that part of the signal chain well covered.
> Take a look at http://www.graphtech.com/ghost_info.php and
> http://www.rmcpickup.com/. 
> OT- Am I remembering you are the guy who knew Stanley Whitaker?
> Hal Dean
> ________________________________

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