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RE: Graphtech installation was AXON AX 100

Hi Hal,

Personally, I haven't experienced any trouble with connections coming 
loose. all plugins seem tight and not much chance of working loose, 
of course I'm not a jumping around sort of player; I mean, anything 
will come apart if it's abused.........

I do agree with your assessment of the tone sucking qualities. I'm 
running the 13 pin into a vg8-ex which does allow for continuing the 
direct signal from the guitar but I do find that the tonal qualities 
by running my direct line from the 1/4" on the guitar to quite a bit 
better. On the new guitar with the fanned frets you'll notice that I 
haven't included a mag pickup at all. So my direct signal sounds very 
acoustic and I'm very happy with the sound of that. For my more 
electric sounds, I find the vg8 has some excellent electric sounds, 
and you can play with the shape of those sounds quite extensively. 
For some more discussion of the graphtech pickup you might do a 
search for Adrian Legg. He's an incredible British fingerstyle 
guitarist who uses a solid body guitar with the graphtech ghost 
pickup driving the roland vg88.


Paul Haslem

At 07:39 AM 11/2/2007, you wrote:
>Paul, I've seen discussions on the midiguitar forum to the effect that
>the Graphtech connection are (or maybe WERE) tenuous, and that hotgluing
>them was in order so that they didn't come loose while you're playing in
>a less than genteel manner. Could you comment on that?
>Also, I'm interested in how you have signal leaving the guitar. The
>wiring can be done so that mag pickups signal, piezo signal, and the
>output from the hexpander module all ride on the 13-pin cable... but
>that seems likely to be a tonesucker to me, and is an issue that Richard
>McClish alerted me to via a discussion with John Buscarino, a luthier
>who made Richard's guitar. I'm inclined to keep the 13-pin cable
>restricted to the hexpander output and leave the pickups signals
>traveling on either a Y-cable, or separately on 1/4" cables. Your
>thoughts on this would be most welcome.
>Hal Dean