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Re: Shepard tone

I loved that album, BGM....

>At 2:36 PM -0600 11/6/07, Daryl Shawn wrote:
>>Perhaps most people are familiar with this, but this blows my 
>>mind...a "Shepard tone", created of a particular combination of 
>>sine waves, which makes it seem as if the tone is continuously 
>>descending without ever reaching bottom. A loop that simply 
>>repeats, while only APPEARING to evolve...awesome.
>>here's a direct link to a nicely done clip on Wikipedia:
>Relatedly, check out Oli Larkin's "Endless Series" VST effect bundle 
>( http://www.olilarkin.co.uk/index.php?p=eseries ) which features 
>effects based upon practical applications of the Shepard/Risset 
>tones -- endless flanging, phasing, pitch shifting, etc.  I haven't 
>tried them out yet (just found this info myself last week on 
>kvr-vst.com) but they look pretty interesting on paper.
>Another good example of Shepard tones is in "Loom", the last song 
>from Yellow Magic Orchestra's 1981 release 'BGM' (whick, along with 
>'Technodelic', also happens to be quite possibly one of their two 
>finest albums, IMNSHO).  The first minutes of the song are based 
>primarily around a rising Shepard tone series.  Additionally, the 
>Wikipedia entry mentions that this song is a reworking of "The 
>Infinite Space Octave" -- a tune released by their computer 
>programer Hideki Matsutake.  That last fact was news even to me.
>(Okay, so I'm feeling a bit like "meaningless-trivia-r-us" today...)
>       --m.
>"I want to keep you alive so there is always the possibility of 
>murder... later"