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Re: LOOP CD review: Erdem Helvacioglu's Altered Realities


I will pipe in with my agreement here too.

I bought Erdem's CD at Y2K7 and listened to it on the long drive home 
to Oregon.

It is fantastic!

I'm not sure where one would buy one except at one of his gigs.

But it is definitely worth seeking out.


Ted Killian

On Nov 6, 2007, at 7:35 PM, Rick Walker wrote:

>    Every now and then a recording becomes , perfectly, the
> sound track for a period in one's life.    The music for such a rare 
> occurence
> has to not only stand up to the test of repeated listenings but it 
> must also be deep
> and beautiful enough to grow on you each time you hear it.
> Erdem Helvacioglu's lovely and profound recording, Altered Realities 
> (music
> for guitar and electronics) was on repeat play in my rental van during 
> the
> whole two weeks before and after the recent Y2K7 Live Looping Festival.
> When I was relaxing, it proved incredibly stimulating, both 
> intellectually
> and aesthetically.   When I was stressed out it was just as equally 
> soothing
> to listen to.
> Erdem is a profound budding talent.  He has the ability to combine 
> beautiful
> consonant harmonies and melodies on his acoustic Ovation guitar (which
> he wields with sure and deft hands) with modern, dissonant electronic
> backing tracks.
> In many attempts to pull off such a hybrid feat,  many composers prove 
> adept
> with one side of the equation yet appear sophomoric with the other 
> side.
> It is testimony to Erdem's artistry that he he exceeds admirably with
> both.   He somehow manages to sound beautifully classic while at the 
> same
> time appearing as cutting edge as it possible:  no mean feat.
> This is not a good record,  it is a great one.  Keep your eye on this
> important new artist and go buy this recording today.  You'll be glad
> you did.
> Rick Walker
> November 1st, 2007