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Re: Expression Pedal - Alesis F2 Review

On Nov 7, 2007, at 7:35 AM, andy butler wrote:

I took a risk and ordered 4 of these for the new Gordius Midi controller.
Well, at only 25 I was expecting something that would work well enough,
and be suitably light in weight.(that's about $50).

Can be used as expression pedal, or swell pedal (vol controller).

Expression pedal
100k linear pot, with special switch to
change form Roland type to Yamaha type
(ie Roland and most others have wiper to tip, Yamaha+Zoom have wiper to ring)

100k matches the Yamaha/Zoom format exactly,
for the Roland type it's a bit high ( usually 20k?),
but then it should still work.

Works fine with Gordius, and lex Vortex

Volume control (suitable for guitar)
mono 250k log pot
basic swell, with a tiny little knob to control the min volume .

No, it won't work with EDP, I've tried.

build is incredibly solid, metal chassis and pedal.
Weighs a whole kilogram :-(

unusual mechanism, all the vulnerable parts are hidden in the pedal

made in China

You could buy 2 of these for the price of one EV-5 by Roland,
and another 2 for the price of an FC-7 by Yamaha.
Don't know how long the pots will last, but construction is
way more solid than the competitors.

Musicians friend here in the US, has these things for 80 bucks...I can't see how and expression pedal costs that much. Sorry, i'm not paying that. Need cheaper alternatives.

Sean Mormelo