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Re: Expression Pedal - Alesis F2 Review

Unlikely this works as expression ped.
It'll have log pots, which will mess up the range.

Wonder why it's TSR

andy butler

Krispen Hartung wrote:
> Except that it is a mono volume pedal, not an expression pedal, which 
> requires TSR. The more likely candiate would be the stereo Ernie ball 
> pedal:
> But I have no idea whether it would work as an expression pedal. It has 
> a TSR input. Does anyone know? It is very pricey, but I am a huge fan of 
> Ernie Ball pedals, built like tanks. I use the mono volume pedal.  Good 
> grief though, if I had three of these monsters in my gear case, I might 
> go over the airline weigh limit and have to pay extra.
> Kris