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Re: Expression vs Vol pedal for midi control

Think of the EV-5 in this case as sort of a valve for the gain of a sine 
wave (tone) that is being generating by max. Max sends the sine wave tone 
out to the FW400, which goes to the pedal, out of the pedal and back into 
the FW400, into max, and then max measures how much the pedal is 
or increasing the gain when I press it. The range of that measurement (in 
db) is convertd into numbers, 0-127, which I can convert into any 
range. Ta da! Once you get to the world of numbers in max, the rest is 


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Wow!  that's really cool! a little over my head , but I get the 'jist of 
FYI, The Ernie Ball Jr can switch  swell rates.  From their site:
"Behind the jack area under the footplate is a micro taper switch which
provides the user two distinct volume swell rates".


I am no expert, but Jeff Kaiser, who has done some research on this with
max/msp, says that any volume pedal will work, because it is just inducing
an amplitude change.  .......if you find a volume pedal that can switch
from linear to log, then it would work out of the box.

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