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RE: very special floor-based looper

We're on the verge of some nice ultra-mobile PCs hitting the market. It
would be interesting to see if they will have the power/features you need,
but then they'd still need an audio interface etc...   oh well...

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Krispen Hartung wrote:
> I'm just confused as the pragmatic difference between lugging a desktop 
> computer box around, with a touch screen connected to it, maybe an 
> external audio interface, and a MIDI controller....and simply bringing a 
> laptop and an interface and MIDI controller. Not much difference to 
> me...both revolve around the PC, which is what has been sucking the 
> artistic energy out of me

You're absolutely right! except that the black box being discussed, once 
finished, may not aspire to poking all nite long, as it should be 
configured as a ready-to-use thingy. At least AFAIC, but YMMV..

> Remember the sci-fi movie, Lifeforce?   Remember that beautiful 
> brunet/alien who was walking around, baring her breasts, seducing men, 
> and sucking the life out of them? Yeah, that's the laptop/max/reaktor 
> for me. It's just so damn seductive I can't say no, but it drains me. :)

Point taken. Doing sys/netadm, I prefer being off that hook in my spare 
time. Then of cause there's this guitar rig..  and the studio stuff..
The real problem here is that a finished/shopped product only allows us 
to dive in so an so deep. The PC solution on the other hand..  difficult 
to just do what's needed and say "yup, it works, now close the toolbox"

van Sinn