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Re: Scripting/Command Chaining in the Max/MSP Kaiser Looper

I see. This is very similar to the first max script I created. It shifted 
down very low (much lower than yours, however), rose up, into high 
and then fell down to normal.  I had another idea last night that I plan 
implement today, which will be jumpting from two sets of alternative 
continuous pitch changes. It will go from, let's say -24 to -20, and then 
jump erratically to 20 to 24....and then back, etc.


> !name ChromaRateShWaves68
> Variable save8thsPerCycle
> set save8thsPerCycle 8thsPerCycle
> set 8thsPerCycle 32
> InstantMultiply 6
> Wait last
> RateShift 0
> SUSSubstitute
> Wait subcycles 1
> RateShift -1