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informal poll

I'll be chiming in here, 'though I played neither y2k7 nor london (but I 
played y2k6 and will share the experiences here).

>1. is your set up laptop or hardware  (no need to get too 

Computer setup, hardware backup setup (you know the backup setup btw, I 
showed it to you).

>2. did you at any point in your set (s) have problems with your "kit"

Twice. It happened at the two times where for one reason or another I 
hadn't set up my backup setup.

During the set at Anno Domini (San Josť), which our own Dennis Montgomery 
later quoted at "the best thing that ever happened in downtown San Josť" 
(thanks for that assessment, Dennis!), the laptop crashed major-league at 
the beginning of the second tune, outputting a sustained tone and not 
reacting to anything. Fortunately, the audience joined my in some 
fake-overtone-singing on top of that (thanks Per for that idea there!) 
until I had my computer restarted.

During the set at the main festival (Alchemy), the amplifier modeler 
plugin locked up the system. This happens sometimes, and the workaround is 
to switch it off (the computer still reacts to MIDI commands and executes 
them) and continue without it - which I did for the remainder of the set. 
So no distorted sounds, wah effects etc. for the rest of the set (but 
something which I regard as nice music - check out  "The Streets" in the 
mp3 section of the y2k6 documentation on y2kloopfest.com).