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EH 2880 notes

I made some comments while close reading the manual.  Comments?
I'm aware some things may have changed with the firmware mentioned in 
another thread.

Notes on Electro Harmonix 2880 looper

Manual pp 10:
Feedback control is partly possible. While overdubbing, previous 
contents can be set to fade out with each loop.
No direct way of simply activating a 'loop fade-out' function is 
available, but can maybe be emulated using overdup without actually 
recording new material.

Manual pp 13:
The designated 2880 Foot Controller provides buttons for:
New Loop, Record, Play, Track Select, Reverse, Octave
Most buttons and faders et al.. still needs to be operated before being
possible to use the Foot Controller.

Manual pp 19:
In punch-in mode, hitting Record will immidiately start overwriting a 
track at the location where Record is hit.  It isn't possible to 
activate recording and just punch in replacement material in bits where 
appropriate; IOW, 2880 doesn't have an input threshold detection 
mechanism.  Just be ready and record!

Manual pp 23:
2880 has only a very basic MIDI implementation: Sync, Start/Stop 
(recording), and Song Position Pointer.  Any mode buttons, mix/control 
faders et al.. needs to be manually pressed before using the sparse MIDI 

It's strange not even the full Foot Controller functionality is MIDI 

When used with an external MIDI Clock Master device not sending 
contineous clock, the 2880 will still sync, but may lag behind.

Manual - nowhere:
It's clear the 2880 doesn't store any settings upon power-off, i.e. any 
use must be setup after each power-on by operating buttons and faders.

Conclusion: The 2880 is useful from the desk, on/at a keyboard and such,
or with it's designated Foot Controller, though this will still only 
provide limited remote control.

van Sinn