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Irritation about cheap connectors!

Is it just me, or is anybody else continually surprised and frustrated about manufacturers of apparently serious equipment designed for live use putting cheap sockets on their gear.
I'm thinking about the number of pieces of gear that use phono sockets in those premounted pairs or fours on a little board that aren't spaced out enough to take the better quality metal phono plugs with thicker cable. Sometimes these are the only audio ins and outs (Kaoss Pad, Boss phrase samplers for example) and sometimes they appear on smaller desks for "tape" ins/outs.
Also where a piece of gear has PCB-mounted sockets rather than panel-mounted ones - a particular habbit with DC inlets on some FX pedals (E.G. Zoom A/G/B-2/2.1U).
And what about those flimsy plastic XLR connectors too, the ones that are set back from a panel and wobble a little bit.
Even (or particularly in some cases) where good enough mixers have their pots and switches mounted only on the circuit board and not secured to the panel, giving that sense of fragility -  my Allen & Heath desks are a welcome exception to this.
I've said enough! Is it just me?