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Re: Looking for a pitch shifter pedal

Thanks, Who's the DL55 made by (don't recognise the model number)?

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From: "van Sinn" <vansinn@post.cybercity.dk>
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Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2007 10:59 AM
Subject: Re: Looking for a pitch shifter pedal

> Ian Popperwell wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  I play wind instruments, saxes, flute and sometimes wind synth. I use 
>> chorus and delay on my flute and want to get different possibilities of 
>> harmony and thickening of the sound. I have a Boss PS-5 pitch shifter 
>> pedal and have been disapointed with the thinness of the sounds that I 
>> get out - even a fourth up or down. I know that the further from the 
>> actual pitch , the grainier the sound, but some of it might be because 
>> the pedal's circuitary  is designed for guitar. I'm interested to hear 
>> any LD members have used pitch shifters/harmonisers with instruments 
>> other than guitar to good effect? I really want to go for a pedal or at 
>> least small unit that can fit into my pedalboard -I don't want to take 
>> rack around with me. I'm wondering about some of the Digitech Voocalist 
>> units or t.c./Hellicon units...?
> You could try pokin the net for an old DL55 (IIRC). I know people using 
> them for both guitars and bass, saying they work just fine.
> If you're into racks and could fancy more effects at the same time, try 
> Digitech TSR24. It's cheap and lets you reuse components in it's effects 
> library just about as many times you want, i.e. for having both pitch 
> harmonies, a digital whammy and harmonizing effects - plus of cause all 
> the other effects. Programming it is somewhat complex, though.
> BTW, it's sometimes said it's whammy doesn't react fast enough.
> This can be cured by simply replacing the 10Mhz crystal for a 20Mhz 
> replacing one capacitor). The cpu is already a 20Mhz.
> -- 
> rgds,
> van Sinn