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Re: mobius track volume control generates artifacts

I have been out of list ( my account was freezed so I was bounced out) 
so I don't know if anyone said what I am about to write, anyway:
sometimes it happens to get some zippering noise out from cc controllers 
that are driving midi parameters.
I had many problems with this when using pedals used as continous 
control on a Switchblade and it seemed to be very sensitive to 
electrostatics, lights and other ghosts.

Sometimes there are pedals that are very sensitive and keep moving 
between two midi data numbers just because the floor is getting some 
I suggest you to check midi input via midiyoke or any other sw and check 
if this could be the cause.

my best,

Jeff Larson wrote:

>>the sound i har is more than zipper noise, i guess. it has mids and
>>sounds a little distorted, like a stutter effect gone wrong (if
>>that makes sense to anyone).
>>it happens pretty erratically, but almost every time i fade via pedal.
>>when i fade via mouse, everything is clean.
>One possibility is that the signal from the device is unstable.  Is
>there a way to have Bidule display what the pedal is sending or which
>MIDI control values are being sent to Mobius?.  If the signal from the
>pedal was jumping around rapidly between two or more levels, you could
>get a very rapid tremolo which might sound like a stutter.
>I'm still not clear on how you're getting this signal into Mobius.
>Are you using VST parameter automation?  If so that might be
>the problem.  Mobius has a few VST parameters but almost no one
>uses them, everyone seems to use MIDI.  There might be bugs in
>the VST interface.
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