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Re: EH SMM w/ Hazari

Thanks for this super in-depth review, Rainer. I'm very interested in 
how the timestretch sounds.

Here's a short film/demo in two parts that I can't quite decide is super 
cheesy or a refreshing switch from the normally dry nature of these 
things. Probably both...the delay time artifacts get a quick 
demonstration, and the looper gets a bit of time too.


I still prefer tape, but I dig the very tweaky knob-based nature of the 
thing (and the price). Reminds me a bit of the Digitech PDS2000 with 
more loop time and reverse, which is something I always wanted.

Daryl Shawn
> First review here (that I'm aware of) of this new playa in the field of 
>looping stompboxes.